We watch the sun come up, I want another day with you

Quite possibly one of my most expensive weeks yet. I'm not talking jager shots for the whole bar, and champagne.. I mean grown up things. A new car (which I may add, I think is love) and a new house. Again. I promise we're not always moving.. We like to call it more "finding our feet". Plus it gives me a new excuse for more gay floral things. And birds. Lots of them.

I think Schmidtla will most certainly be the most travelled hamster once we move again. I don't think he cares though. As long as there's corn and seeds, oh and ice cream, he'll be happy.

So with our lavish purchases lately. I think Littlebum and I will be eating the free apples in my parents garden for a few weeks, as they're free. They also come with bugs and mud too... What a great offer.

On second thoughts, I'm off to another BBQ. I really do think I live the high life...


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