This is me, this is my house: Part 1.

Five months ago, when we moved (for the second time) I promised to post some photos, or even a video, for all to see. So maybe this is a little longer than expected, and the fact it'll only be for another month, till we pack up and move on again, I thought it best to show you my home. Part of my home. The downstairs.

I thought I best clarify too that Littlebum and I aren't in fact gypsies who travel about. We like to call it more 'finding our feet'. As much as we love this big ole house, we're only small people, so a three storey is quite a bit. Plus I just about manage one set of stairs..

Come back tomorrow too see the life of the upstairs.


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This is me, this is my house: Part 2

We watch the sun come up, I want another day with you