So we burst into colours and carousels and fall head first

1: Everyone want's to be Zooey D. 2: Sunday tea and scones. 3: Standard evening company.

4: Pancake excitement. 5: The beast. 6: Date night a la maxi skirt.

7: Eager beaver. 8: Hi unobvious haircut. 9: Lunchbox fun.

10: Sweetcorn friend. 11: The new place to hang. 12: Best friend time.

A quiet week this week, followed by a little boogie with my friend last night. Until they played some bump and grind, which resulted in a swift exit. And no food either.. Not sure whether to praise myself or regret it?!

Really being wild  this weekend and shopping at ASDA (big up ASDA!) and then a fun filled day with Mama Mcfred on Monday. Totally wearing my maxi skirt all weekend.. As you do..!


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