Say lend me your coat, it's up to your knees out there

No picture first?! I was asked by Voucher Codes if I wanted to take part in The Seasonal Switch, which involved taking your Summer wardrobe into the Winter months. And of course, with my wardrobe bursting full of dresses, I was more than up for this challenge. So with my, not so great explanations, I sat Littlebum and Schmidt down, and after many hours of clothing auditions, I picked out my 3 key items for Summer, and styled them up for those chillier months..

Oh, and considering my amount of dresses.. I've not even styled a dress today! Nope, I've gone ambitious (or not!)

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Wedges: New Look. Knit*: Primark. Boots:* Primark. 

Being a huge playsuit fan, and literally wearing this once a week (I'm not even kidding) I always find many ways to adapt this to the weather. My favourite Summer style is teamed with a simple belt and my (un)trusty wedges. For me, I'm a huge tights fan, and would easily add a pair of black tights to my playsuit for Winter. Although, in these photos I'm not wearing them, because as I do, I chose the hottest day to photograph! So for now, we'll pretend I'm rocking the skin tights! Completed my look with my new Primark snuggly knit, and some Chelsea boots keeping me warm for those magical Autumn evenings.

Bandeau top: Boohoo. Maxi skirt: River Island. Sandals: New Look. Knit*: H&M. Scarf & Boots*: Primark.

Of course, the maxi skirt became a firm winner, with my new found love for it. I absolutely love the effortless look of maxi skirts, and popped on my bandeau top and sandals, for that laid back Summer evening look. And of course a belt, because like mentioned before, I ain't hiding no animal up my skirt! In all honesty (no animals) I found the maxi skirt, the hardest to take through to Winter, but being a big 'tuckeriner' and falling for the colour of this H&M knit, I knew they would be happy together. And they were. So much so, they asked along a simple scarf and my boots to keep those necks and toes all snuggled up.

Tee: Primark. Trousers*: Select. Wedges: New Look. Cardigan*: New Look Teens. Scarf & Pumps: Primark.

Now I don't normally do trousers, but since becoming attached to them for work, I decided they deserved a bit of praise. I haven't been a bit too daring with them, but they're the comfiest trousers I've ever experienced (hello off to Chiquito's forever more now!). This month is also burgundy month, so this tee and my wedges worked perfectly, keeping me cool during Summer. Once those Winter mornings turn chilly, I'll be heading straight for my incredibly cosy knit and scarf (again!), with a plain black tee. And of course my pumps, so I can still pretend Summer has never actually left us. Not sure I'll agree with them when it's raining!

So there we have it. To be fair, I've never been a 'Summer wardrobe' 'Winter wardrobe' person. I think adding tights and a knit to every single dress is acceptable. I like being a tuckeriner.

Although, I am normally that person during Winter, wondering just WHY I am always that cold..

P.S I take no responsibility for your trouble in the toilet with the playsuit/jumper situation.


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All items marked with a * were bought c/o Vouchercodes. These items were chosen by me.

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