Here's how we wear: KIGU!

1: Bee from VivaTramp. 2: MEow. 3: Rosie from A Rosie Outlook. 4: Sophie from Little Mittens.

In all honesty, quite possibly the BEST Here's how we wear post I think that has ever been. Admittedly it was extremely easy to 'style' but seriously, they sure look an absolute delight! Completely suitable for all ages, genders and any occasion (yes I think they are acceptable for interviews... maybe?!) So to double brighten up our Friday.. This week we went for:

The Kigu!

Bee says "Why bother styling outfits day in, day out when you can dress like an oversized animal?! My aim is to buy one for every day of the week!"

I say "In life, I've always wanted to be a cat. I have to accept the fact I cannot. So this seemed the next best thing. Although I don't think real cats get as cold as I do when I go to the toilet...?"

Rosie says "My stitch Kigu is fleece-y so it's the perfect attire for rainy Sundays and works especially well teamed with a hot chocolate and a good book!"

Sophie says "A Kigu is the perfect thing to throw on if you're feeling a bit rubbish and don't want to leave the house. It's impossible to stay sad for long when you have a tail!"

Christmas is coming up. I'm sure Santa would understand the NEED for everybody to have a Kigu to keep them warm. Plus, maybe even the Queen will declare Monday's, Kigu Monday.. Here's hoping!


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