But we can have it all if we want too

Blouse: c/o Oasap. Trousers: Topshop. Shoes: New Look.

I don't really wear these trousers out much anymore. Probably because when they got washed, they're always that funny tight. And knowing my luck, they'd completely split in the most inappropriate place! 

I've always kept with my simple black and white with them, but felt like venturing out. It's hardly venturing, I know.. It's only pastel green! But still, I feel I've accomplished what I needed.

Tonight sees me go to Zumba, for the first time. Actually it's the first time since I've done exercise since 1969. This'll be a treat for everybody else I'm sure. I'm quite excited.. I have my plimsoles lined up!

And I best make sure I get out these trousers pronto.. They wouldn't let me shake my hips in the slightest!


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