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Oh, here she comes, slowly rolling back down the hill to blog again. Yes I am here. Where did I go maybe you ask? (Probably not!) Basically, I came down with that thing us women sometimes get. The one where we don't like what we see. So much so, that the thought of taking photos of myself revolted me (I tried it one night this week.. It ended in tears) And so I diagnosed myself last week with 'I don't like what I see in the mirror' syndrome. Sometimes I've had it before, but this week I really got it. I even stopped reading blogs ,because I was comparing myself to everybody. Picking faults at everything about myself, and wanting to be and dress like all you other bloggers. It's weird. I appreciate my body, I'm not big, I'm not small and yes I've been called just the right size at times, which is lovely, and I really do appreciate every comment and compliment... However as women, we only ever listen to ourselves.

I think it's hard as a blogger, and that's why it got to me more than I've ever felt like before in the past. There  seems to be this pressure to look a certain way as a blogger, pull a certain pose, make your photos look the best they can, and have this outfit that is above and beyond. And it just made me start hating the smallest of things about me. I mean seriously, who even cares about the size of my ears??!! (for your information.. I have small ears, but that's the point I'm trying to make!)

It takes time, for us to love our bodies, but we can get there. If I'm being honest, right now I'm still looking in that mirror unsure of everything, and I am trying my hardest to take compliments and actually listen to them, and that's why today I decided to get in the garden and snap away. Because I actually quite liked what I saw.

I gave myself a pep talk last night. I said that I will not compare myself to everybody else, because at the end of the day, that's what makes us all so different. So what if I want someone's beautiful hair or so and so's smaller thighs, maybe somebody want's my boobs or even fingernails? But we're never gonna get them. And with that, I'm going to just accept it.

I have my wobbly bits and my lumpy bits. But I am Katy. No one else.

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