Two birds on a wire, one tries to fly away

1: Must stop overwearing this outfit. 2: Best rebelious dinner ever. 3: Duckbear and Littlebum.

4: Baking cakes. 5: My childish card to work. 6: I think I'm leaving maybe..

7: Someones hit puberty! 8: Greek Meze is the best. 9: Schmidtbum says happwee buffday.

10: Basically looking like shit. 11: Sunshine finally! 12: If you spot an escaped penguin..

13: Seeealife centre! 14: The buffday boy! 15: My new best friend.

16: Posing fishes. 17: Penguins are the best! 18: He's ugly.. But glittery!

19: I found Nemo. 20: Someone's too excited. 21: Jellyfish!

I wanted to do a post like last weeks but my camera is being such a whore, and everytime I take a photo it deletes it. I wasn't too happy when I'd spent half the day in London taking important photos (I'm talking coffees, shoes, the train.. you know the stuff) and then they'd just disappear. So of course, I had to make do with Littlebum's iphone. At least it made me look cool for an hour or so.

We spent the day at the sealife centre because of the rain, although it decided to brighten up in the afternoon so we went for a totter. Actually more of a hobble, because as usual I wore my stupid shoes that always hurt. And I never learn. I did get a new pair though.. So can't all be bad! And then we finished it off with the theatre.. Bopping away to We Will Rock You! Littlebum looked pleased.

Now I'm off on my holibobs. Need to attempt to only choose 4 dresses. This will be interesting...

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Whilst the cats away, the mice can play

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