If you like pina colada, getting caught in the rain.

Me: Dress: Maggie & Me (from the babe, Claire!). Wedges: New Look Charlie: Dress: Topshop.

Me: Dress: H&M. Wedges: New Look. Charlie: Dress: New Look. Sandals: River Island.

Ooh look at me being all flash with my Majorca shots. Or Mallorca as some like to call them. I thought I'd put these photos up because we are still mourning the loss of my camera. It's currently in the process of being fixed (by myself). I just need to get round to actually looking at it and seeing if it'll do me another year. Or so.

Had such a lovely time on my holibobs. It was so nice to just get away, turn off my emails and read books whilst soaking up the sunshine. Of course, I am a tanner, but I managed to come home with burns I never thought possible (don't worry nothing too drastic!) I'll put some photos up of our break when I manage to casually steal them off my cousin. Hardcore I am.

Today is my first day at work. I am pretty nervous to be honest. Like very nervous. I always worry that people won't like me. But here's hoping they do, because I'd like to stick around.

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Whilst the cats away, the mice can play