Here's how we wear: White Dresses

1: Helloo. 2: Eloise from Frolics & Fashion. 3: Michelle from DaisyButter. 4: Mel from MediaMarmalade.

Here we are again. That time that, apparently, some people just love! I know I sure do! And this week's a right treat of bloggers, one's I've actually gotten to meet so are definite babes! We've had the little black dress, and with our (not so obvious) Summer, we thought we'd go for a simple, chic and extremely summery choice this week:

Little White Dress

I say "White dresses excite me. My wardrobe is full of them, but I'm not sure why.. I'm a spiller! In Summer I love adding tan coloured accessories and keeping it simple. Easy for anyone to do.. Just remember your white panties!"

Eloise says "I put this with a leather jacket as I'd already done a summer post with this dress! However I do like the contrast between the flowy (is this even a word? I'm being spell checked on it) cut out dress and the masculine-ish jacket. If I looked like Taylor Momsen this would be a win!"

Michelle says "White dresses have a special love/hate place in my wardrobe. Being on the pale side of olive, I can just about pull off white dresses on their own, but true to my own style. I always pair them with tougher, chunkier elements and set off with eclectic accessories"

Mel says "White is a scary old colour, one I've always felt should be left to the bronzed goddesses of the world, or brides for that matter. But since finding this white cut out Glamorous dress, I haven't looked back. It makes the perfect summer day dress or a glam evening dress for sunset cocktails."

Funnily enough - Michelle and myself are both wearing Ever Ours, and Eloise and Mel are wearing Glamorous

Two shops to check out for white dresses!

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