Flipping your fins you don't get too far

Bandeau top: Boohoo. Maxi Skirt: River Island. Hair feather: Matalan.

Well, today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic. Not really. But every time I tried to write today's the day, I kept singing the song. Are you now? Anyway as I was trying to say, TODAY is the day that Littlebum has to put up with me forever more. No we're not getting married, and I certainly ain't about to pop a sprog...I finish my job! And head back to my own house!

Rumour has it that it's raining today, bleurgh but I am FED UP of wearing tights. Seriously, in July. So I opted for the maxi. Simple pimple. Actually, I never wear them.. I always struggle with my top half as I don't like to look like I have an animal hidden under the skirt. We're also out for dinner tonight so this seemed like the best outfit to scoff my face with lots of Greek Meze.

It's Littlebum's birthday tomorrow so: Happy Birthday Littlebum. I hope you enjoy your day in London with me. I'm sorry I'm a rubbish girlfriend who spent the second half of your present on shoes for myself. OOPS. And as the words of the card says.. I love Ewe.

Man, I really need to stop pretending I'm a memaid and get out more.

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