Whatever you do keep your whites off the grass

Dear Myself.

Maybe you shouldn't wear white plimsoles to do the gardening in, because it results in such a terrible mess and a white wash is really not ideal for you as we know. Also buying your gloves from poundland may come across as a wise idea, but the thistles have the last laugh when the gloves pack up after 5 minutes of being worn. I know you loved your sweeping this weekend, so stick to that instead of frappe making. Although hiding it under cream and butterscotch sauce was a good shout.

Give Littlebum and Schmidtbum there manly time together, and although they miss you still, they're super excited for you to return and I reckon they're preparing themselves for your floral overload. They've had many chats about this already.

And finally, light a candle more often, because it really did make you an excited little soul to see it lit whilst in the shower. It's the simple things that please you as we've established from receiving the plant pot. And they're the best kind.

Look forward to your weekend. Your first real BBQ awaits you.

Yours forever (literally), myself.

P.s - We know people may be fooled by the floral gloves/hairy leg situation. But what's worse, them thinking  you're gross and the legs are yours? Or the fact your boyfriends wore floral gloves without a fight?

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