Tonight's today today's tonight tonight's today

Tee: H&M. Shorts: River Island. Boots: Primark.

And here is my attempt at looking cool. So much so, that I just end up acting a fool and looking a fool. Guess it's back to what I do best... the floral frocks for the time being!

Since I've decided I'm going to Y Not Festival, I've been buying possibly everything that "will look amazing at a festival". My wardrobe is building up. And Littlebum keeps reminding me that I cannot take a suitcase full of clothes. I'm a festival virgin. And this comes as a shock to me! But before I pack anything, I need to get them sewed up. For once I beat the booty. And they're too big (actually my booty still won. My waist lost) but being the impatient person that I am, tied up the back with a hair bobble and headed out wearing them! Does anyone else do this?

Maybe I won't get them sewed up on second thoughts. After all, this weather is still hide-under-the-duvet-and-eat-everything-you-can-find kinda days. Oh, hair bobbles, you've worked miracles again.

But you should probably try sorting out my greasy hair.. Not today, I'm pretending to be in festival mode!

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