To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die

1: I'd like to think I make the cheekiest breakfast's. 2: Saying bye to our new friend. 3: Me. And my clothes.

4: 18inch pizza for two. Sure. 5: Daisy picking. 6: Raisin cravings for Schmidtbum.

7: Tea for the builders. 8: Being a skank for Asda. 9: Baking icecream cakes!

10: Dress down Friday isn't really... 11: Sleeping whilst eating. Standard. 12: So close to home.

13: Thugs on the weekend. 14: So excited he weed the seat. 15: And we ended up in Sainsburys.

16:Another try behind the wheel. 17: Nobody puts Baby in the corner. 18: Need I say more?

19: Celebration dinner! 20: I love a bit o' Greek Sausage. 21: Mmm chicken heaven!

And so, after four months of driving back and fourth the A1, I FINALLY GOT OFFERED A JOB!! I am literally so SO happy. You would not believe it. Actually you would if you had seen me in the car, on the phone, crying my eyes out as I accepted! And now, I can move into my house for the forseeable future. This calls for some new ornaments in celebration..!

Schmidt's been a bit of a wildcat this week, no stopping him at all. I swear he has more stories to tell his bits of sawdust, than I do telling my friends..! But to be fair, it has been mental this week too. Eating so much food, our trousers nearly ripped off (not even a lie!) and drinking plenty of cocktails whilst living off little sleep.

Maybe my OAP years are fading out, and I'm becoming a teenager again?! Here's hoping!

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Nobody puts baby in the corner

I can make you ice cream, we can be a sweet team