Sings a song sounds like she's singing

1: Mushroom dress. 2: Hello Kitty tissues are a lifesaver. 3: Tissue journey.

4: Sometimes I love the postman. 5: Lotsa pretty things. 6: Heavenly.

7: A game of hide and seek. 8: Schmidtbum a la morning. 9: Man. And his friend.

10: Littlebum is a poser too. 11: Fancy hat dash. 12: Petrol stations aren't changing rooms.

13: I'm gay. 14: Weetabix factory YESPLEASE! 15: Roadtrip food.

Have I been busy this week? Nope. Why are there lots of photos then? Because I took lots in approximately two days. Rebel right?

I've still been dying this week, but still plodded to work. And quite literally plodded. Littlebum and I had a slumber party on Friday night... On second thoughts, I ate the popcorn before falling asleep, and he got to watch a gay romcom film! Ideal if you ask me really! It's been nice spending time together actually.. Preparing ourselves for two weeks, when I'm in MY house. 

I quote MY house because he thinks it's his now. I don't mind that he says this.. Only if we're talking about washing and hoovering. 

Today me and my cousin booked a last minute holiday deal. Four days away in Majorca, all inclusive. And I am totally going to make myself sizzle. Now I'm not laughing at the fact I've chocolate overdosed for the past few months as 'oh I'm not going on holiday!'

So yeah. Now I'm not laughing. My belly is. Although, I don't own a bikini. Now no-ones laughing.

It won't even be the children at the hotel, not when they see my wibbly bits

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