She's up for doing what she likes any day more like the night

1: Sunny afternoons at the pub. 2: Littlebum likes the pub. 3: Enough for one. Yes thanks.

4: Poorly Patricia. 5: Spending my days in bed. 6: Childish nails.

7: Being poorly makes bad fashion. 8: Strawberrys and Peter Rabbit. 9: I love these kinda MMS'

10: Friday night traffic is a bitch. 11: Our furry guest likes the bathroom. 12: Primark.

13: Roadtrips. 14: Little Schmidtbum. 15: Snooozing as you do.

16: We got ourselves a perv. 17: Hello Hank Moody. 18: Goood morning!

A very quiet start to the week, spending my days in bed down to poorlyness. I hate being ill, so much that I dragged myself to work the next day wearing my swan trousers and cat shoes. Not a good look. No wonder I got sent straight home. 

Although I spent most of the week in bed, I've spent majority of the weekend in bed too. With our furry friend. It doesn't help that he too, likes to play at night by racing around the house. The options of upstairs or downstairs is too much excitement for him. So much that he comes to lick my nose in the morning to show me.

Besides being in bed, I think we managed a cheeky pub lunch, and a little bit of homeware shopping. Much to Littlebum's disapproval again. His question at the till.. "Do we REALLY need all this bloody handwash?" Yes Littlebum, we do. And it looks nice.

So once I've enough energy to get out of bed, I'm off to handwash stamp the house. Fun!

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