She's like the wind through my tree

Dress: c/o Oasap. Belt: Primark. Shoes: Primark. SocksL H&M

Totally a windy Wendy today. Good job I had some big fat panties on, to scare off all the people who like to look at blowing up skirts. Unlucky for them really. I definitely had the last laugh. 

I can't work out if I like this dress or not. I do like it, I like the colours, I love the collar (standard) and I like the length (hooray OASAP you managed a longer length!) but it just doesn't seem to sit that nice on me. It probably doesn't help that my arms look like they did when I was a baby who needed suncream in the fat creases. And my legs too. OH and here's me moaning about all this, yet tonight I will most likely indulge in some chocolate and sweets once I've gotten over it. As always.

OH YEAH and look at my little belt. I think it's awesome. It was merely £1 from Primark. I needed some new belts, so I sacrificed a pack of biscuits for this belt. It did good. I may turn it into a bow tie on special occasions. Wild.

Time to go pack for the weekend. Heading to London to see my brother tomorrow night, and to do some touristy things with my family on Saturday. By that I mean, stop for coffee, go for lunch, have another coffee, eat some cake and go for dinner.

MAAN I need to think about other things in life than just food.. Like getting into a bikini?

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