Nobody puts baby in the corner

Dress: c/o Pop Couture. Stripy tee: H&M Kids. Pumps: Primark.

If only I could dance as good as Baby, as I can dress like her, then my life would be complete. Quite literally. Although, I don't mean to blow my own trumpet or anything, but my friends always tell me my dance moves are quite the extraordinary... Maybe they just tell me that to try make me feel better about my elephant feet?

I've always wanted a shirt dress, but never found the right one. Until Pop Couture sent me this one. And thankfully it fits wonderfully. Like Cinderella and the shoe. I'm a sucker for chiffon, soft colours and most definitely collars.

With the weather being cold, I popped on my love/hate item - the stripey tee and actually, I quite liked it. It had a lucky escape, and was treated nicely. It's funny, I'm trying to make up some story as to why I opted for the stripey tee, but because I'm too honest, here's the truth: I have terrible washing skills, resulting in lack of white bra's. Meaning sheer dresses and black bra's look dull. Fact.

But with my white washing turning pink and grey, comes good things. Like this outfit. Right?

And with that, I am going to enjoy being Baby for as long as possible. Oh and if I break my leg next week, it'll only be because I've been balancing on a log carrying a watermelon. No biggie. 

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