Let's take the long and winding road home

Top: Internacionale. Skirt: c/o SheInside. Boots: So You Shoes. Belt: Zara.

Whenever I go to the bottom of my garden (actually that's a lie, it's at the side) I always pretend I am a little fairy that lives in a mushroom house. I think it's what these kinda skirts do to me. Although this is the first skirt I've ever had that is like this.

These skirts have always taken my fancy. I love a good (now how can I put this without sounding gross..?!) floater! They make me want to run about in a big field like Cathy from Wuthering Heights. If that's what she does.. I'm saying this as though I know. But I really don't, it just seems like she would be that kind of person.

So as I don't have a big field in view at this present moment in time, I'm going to swift around Littlebum's parents garden.

And if they ask what I'm doing? I'll pretend I'm sweeping up the leaves with my trail.

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