Knee deep snow, watching the fire as we grow old

Dress: c/o Ollie May. Blazer: Internacionale. Boots: So You Shoes

I hate to bad mouth you camera, because I know you have been there for me for 7 strong years, but really.. I think your time is coming to a quick end. You're just not living up to your standards anymore and I think it may be time to say goodbye. I will however take some blame, for the fact I do drop you on occasions. Many occasions maybe. 

Anyway, HELLO mushroom dress! I'll be honest, I don't like mushrooms. The real sort, the ones that people eat. I do like those pretend ones though in fairytales, that people sit on. And although I'm not a fan of edible mushrooms, I thought I'd show my appreciation in this Ollie May dress. If I'm being honest, I haven't taken it off since it popped through my letter box on Friday! How grim is that?! BUT it's sure had some lovely compliments from everybody. So yeah, mushrooms dresses for life thanks!

Be sure to check out Ollie May as they have some perfect pieces for your wardrobe. Everybody needs a mushroom dress in their life!

And lets all finally laugh at my windmills and bunting. I really don't think I'm cut out to be a gardener..

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Cause I can see for miles when the sun is up

Heart shaped bruises and late night kisses devine