Here's how we wear: The maxi skirt

1: Charlotte from Charlestown. 2: Gemma from GEMBEAR. 3: Vicky from #GOLLYGOSH. 4: Heya!

So it appears last week's first feature was a success! And the response to join in was overwhelming.. Remember there's only 3 bloggers at a time (of course I want dibs too.. because I am vain!) but keep checking twitter for details! And all the Here's how we wear posts can be found here! So with the weather being a bit hit and miss this week, we decided upon a classic (difficult for some?):

The maxi skirt

Charlotte says "I've had my maxi for a while but always felt extremely wary of wearing it. The weather isn't too good today, so I styled it with a loose fitting stripy jumper, and brown brogues, adding my floppy hat to make it a little bit different!"

Gemma says "My style this summer has so far been very feminine, bright florals and light maxi skirts. Perfect for warm days when I want to keep my legs covered!"

Vicky says "Everyone knows I love a good maxi, I think they are one of the easiest items to style and make suitable for any occasion. I am short but I think they make me look taller ironically, especially teamed with a tucked in vest or crop"

I say "I've always struggled styling a maxi. I feel that I need to wear a tight top half, in order to prove that I don't have a hidden cow under my maxi skirt. So as long as you stick to the bandeau's, you can hide those animals as you wish..

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in.. follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

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