Here's how we wear: The cropped jumper

1: Amy from The Little Magpie. 2: HIYAA. 3: Livvy from Tea.Toast.Fashion. 4: Sarah from Fashion Is My H20.

Oh hello a new feature on my blog that will be taking place every Friday. Unless I get caught up in food. Each week three bloggers and my vain self will have an item or word (whatever I feel like innit) and style it how they wish. This week we chose, perfect for Summer: The cropped jumper

Amy says "I'm pretty short so prefer to wear jumpers and tops that are slightly cropped so I can pretend that my body isn't the same length as your average ten year old. I picked up this one from Forever21 last year, it used to be white but thanks to my great washing skills, it's now a bit grey. Thankfully I quite like it that way!"

I say "Cropped jumpers are so easy to throw over anything, without hiding it all. You still get to see the pretty little dress you're wearing, and that print on a blouse. Oh and your food baby too!"

Livvy says " I teamed my cropped jumper, with a trusty floral playsuit. The best thing about cropped jumpers are that they make you look taller and longer (nothing wrong with that eh?!)"

Sarah Says "I like to play up my waist and forget about my stomach, a flattering draped dress with my favourite cropped jumper over the top skims my problem area and leaves me feeling confident. Top me off with some retro tights, studded shoes and a bit of dark lippy.. and I'm good to go!"

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in... follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

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