Heart shaped bruises and late night kisses devine

1: Schmidt bum. 2: Congratulation flower delivery! 3: Pretending to be camera shy?

4: Frappes galore. 5: Littlebum is too kind! 6: Mama Mcfred's ace shoes.

7: Friday night dinner. 8: 7am shouldn't be allowed. 9: Pimsoles!

10: TOWIB ladies. 11: Who needs real business cards? 12: Fit birds (this is Stephs snap!)

13: Thank the lord for the sun! 14: Fishing friends. 15: Her favourite place.

16: And he's meant to be an adult.. 17: The worst face you will ever see. 18: Outfit.

I'm totally rotting in bed right now. How grim is that? Just look at the picture of my turtle face, and you'll see why!

Headed to TOWIB yesterday and met up with some wonderful people indeed. Who needs to go to London to see the queen?! Had a good ole time full of giggles and orange juice, if a little short! And only my retarded self could walk off with 1/3 of a train ticket, resulting in some 'childish tears' to the customer service lady and declaring that I'm not good at getting trains, and ending up with a hand written note to let me on the train. I knew this baby face would come in handy one day..!

We had a BBQ last night, and the weather was very kind to us. There was burgers galore, and cocktails that never existed, invented. Yum! Now I'm paying for it.. And I have to drive back to St Albans in a bit.. Hopefully the pizza delivery man can cure this for me.  

Not him literally. The pizza.

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Knee deep snow, watching the fire as we grow old

Here's how we wear: The cropped jumper