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Blouse: Dorothy Perkins. Skirt: Topshop. Shoes: New Look.

There I am moaning that I get ID'd for looking 7 years younger than I am, yet here I am knowing that when I pin my fringe back, I look like I've just left the playground. Not sure a 12 year old would wear a skirt this short though.. Actually I take it back.

This blouse came into my life last week, when I was having one of those 'I have an excuse for everything I buy' week. And the excuse? Well I was ill, I needed something to cheer me up?! Also, I told myself that I know Mama Mcfred will want to borrow it. It's so a her top - she's obsessed with leopard print! NOT like Kat Slater leopard print. Nope, cool leopard print. Like this one.

It still feels so perculiar that I'm still in my own house at the moment. And now little Bear has gone we can finally get some good sleep. Although, after watching Men In Black last night, it doesn't take me much to have nightmares of aliens in my own bed.

I'm off to be a lady who lunches now with my little Laura bum. I'm quite glad we're not hanging at mine, or that will result in her repeatedly going through my wardrobe for things. Apparently I have so many clothes? I don't think so! 

I mean i'm sitting here thinking I have nothing to wear.. So I can't have many at all?

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