Cause I can see for miles when the sun is up

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Jumper: New Look. Bag: Matalan. (similar here) Wedges: New Look

When the sun comes out, it always gives us an excuse to get semi naked. So I think anyway. And of course, a chance to pop on my trusty playsuit. You know what, I'm completely lying... I wear this playsuit come rain or shine. I get so many compliments on it, so it's only fair I parade in it all the time right?

Every Sunday night that I pack up my bag ready for Hertfordshire, it automatically goes into my suitcase.. Without a thought. And thankfully it's brought a bit of shine today. With my hungover state on Sunday, I packed all black and boring clothes and now I have 'nothing to wear' for this week.. Do you ever do that? Pack for the mood you're in RIGHT at that moment? 

I've not been feeling well this week, I think Littlebum gave me the lurgy. So I plan to spend my weekend building a better relationship with our bed. Heavenly! And attempt to look at holidays.. A last minute plan for 5 days away with my cousin!

Although not sure how long that'll last, I'm so impatient at searching through them all.. I just want to go NOW.!

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Here's how we wear: The maxi skirt

Knee deep snow, watching the fire as we grow old