And it all makes sense when we close our eyes

Knit: Topshop. Shorts: TK Maxx. Shoes: c/o Daisy Street Shoes

Please, before you all think I am strange. I am most certainly not a snake charmer, and neither is that a snake in my hair if you noticed. It's just what this thing we have a lot, called the wind, does to my hair most of the time.

I'm actually being a dork today, because I wore this outfit at the weekend, minus the shoes (plimsoles saved the day!) I did try to wear them, but super high heels and myself are two things that shouldn't be together. Doesn't mean I don't try! 

I felt in a slobby mood.. As we all do on a Sunday right?! so threw on my new knit. This is such a lie, I didn't throw it on, I merely took it off whilst I changed into a new outfit. Yep, you betcha.. I've worn it everyday. I feel like I'm wearing a blanket outside. Heaven.

I'm going to keep tottering in these heels, in the hope that maybe I can wear them out with my tall friends one day. My other alternative is too see if the heel can be cut shorter.. Men can do things like this right? 

Well that's the impression I get from Littlebum.. 

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