Won't you come on home, I built us a flying machine

Playsuit: c/o OASAP. Pencil Skirt: Charity shop. Shoes: New Look. Sunglasses: Primark.

Firstly let's all laugh out loud at myself in these photos for many reasons. One being the fact I think I am actually Victoria Beckham or something. But epically failing. And the other at my pasty wired "chopstick" legs (quoted by Littlebum.. Urm thanks!).

So since I broke my playsuit viriginty earlier this year, I've kinda forgotten about the camel toe issue and gone a little crazy buying them. When I saw this on OASAP I had to add it to my collection. Not only could I drink wine, but I could also class myself as a wine (don'tcha just love a piece of clothing called wine?!) 

It is quite possibly one of the finest playsuits that I now own, and would be made even GREATER if someone would just tell me a little story to scare me off the cupcakes and chocolate so I can actually wear it!!

 It may be a little on the tight side, but nothing a pair of spanx and a week of starvation will sort out. Although only problem is, I'm not sure I can go an hour without food.. And I'm not quite ready to share my camel toe with the world, just yet.

So looks like the pencil skirt will be in place... And yes, the toilet situation is an absolute nightmare right about now...!

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