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Midi Dress: New Look. Sheer Jumper: New Look Kids. Shoes: c/o: So You Shoes

Call me a Jealous Julie, but I've always perved on the many beautiful ladies who can pull off the midi so well, and still look like they have enough leg length to run to France with. Unlike little leg me.

I'm more of a Stumpy Sandra so it's either a full maxi that makes me look like a mushroom, or the super short which could be seen as a bonus for the people who walk behind me. If that's ever you.. Disappointing huh?

But wait for it.. (insert story I always say lately) I decided to buy one. I hadn't set about looking for one, I think I'd given up that I just wasn't destined to create the long leg look. I'd even given up hope with New Look and headed to the shop doors with only a jumper big enough to fit a 12 year old in my bag. And that's where I came across the dress. To be honest, I'm such an impulse buyer and buying this dress goes to show. I mean after months of telling myself midi's just wouldn't work on me, and the fact I very rarely wear strappy top, just proves that YES I do think I have all the money in the world. But reality? Far from it!

But being an impulse buyer isn't all that bad, because quite honestly I am thrilled with it. I can play vampires in it, resemble Cinderella in it, attempt to look cool in it, and darn, I can even HIDE under it. 

This dress is just what I've been looking for. And if you're like me and looking for something in particular...give up on it! 

Because that's when it normally comes along, and fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

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