I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass

Dress: H&M. Pumps: Primark. Bra showing: BHS

Look at me trying to be all cool and neon like Mr Motivator. Just need my sweat bands and a bum bag, and I'm good to go. Although I'm sure I'd fall at the first hurdle if someone made me run.

Bought this dress on one of those days. I think I have these days every day. You know the ones, where you buy things just because. 

I linked my bra in this post, because after many many years, I realised I've neglected my little breasticles. I mean I would always treat them on a weekly basis, bra's that is, not squirty cream, however it wasn't until a few weeks back (when I was having one of those days) where I splurged out £40 on two bras. I like underwear. A lot. But I've never spent my pennies on expensive ones.. (Don't feel sorry for Littlebum, I buy nice ones for nice days!) just because, I don't know why actually. 

ANYWAY when I put this one on.. MY LIFE WAS COMPLETE. I genuinely felt like a changed woman. I no longer have to worry about my straps constantly falling down, or the fact I need to pull up the cup because it's uncomfortable. And by golly, it doesn't even feel like I have it on. I know, my breasticles are a lot happier now too.

So ladies, don't let your breasticles suffer in silence... Because they ain't exactly going anywhere!

(Well only to meet your knees when your sixty years old!)

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