Do I start at the end or end at the start

1: Driving back to St A with Littlebum in tow. 2: First cooked dinner. 3: It still fits, just!

4: IKEA meatballs.. YES! 5: Most adventurous hamster? 6: Chinese takeaway!

7: Alright Hank Moody? 8: Heaven is this. 9: Driving. Again.

10: Heading home in the sun. 11: Standard Starbucks. 12: Windy Wendy.

13: Pimms in the garden. 14: Hiding away in bed. 15: Catching some rays.

16: Feathers in hair? 17: This is a loner lunch. 18: Raisin friend.

Judging from these photos, all I do is drive, eat and take Schmidt to places no hamster has been before. And yes this is true. We've driven here, there and everywhere. Of course I've still managed a few cheeky drinks in between. And spent a lot of time eating salad,  meatballs, chinese, chicken and every coffee shop known to man.

I'm also not a crazy hamster lady and take him everywhere with me. That being IKEA! He just travels a lot with us back and fourth between the two places right now. It's OK though, he loves it. As long as he has a raisin he's happy!

Funny story last night. Littlebum woke up and shouted "WHY did you punch me?" And I was all like OH man. Basically had been dreaming that he put a spider on my chest so I went to punch him. Turns out I'd punched him in real life! I swear I'm nice really.

I also gatecrashed a BBQ last night, because I wanted fun in the sun... I think I need to tame my rebelious ways.

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