But in my mind I'm having a good time with you

1: Windmill excitement. 2: I am a chief gardener. 3: The man. Doing manly things.

4: Basically my life right now. 5:  Collars and curly hair. 6: Handmade cards are the best.

7: I don't like the rain. 8: Cute teabags parcels. 9: Schmidt is spoilt.

10: I dress cool regardless. 11: My favourite view ever. 12: Starbucks break.

13: Tina Turner hair thanks. 14: Schmidtbum is NOT shy. 15: Laurabum in basically my entire wardrobe.

16: HOLIDAY TIME. 17: Heels shouldn't be worn on fields. 18: I'm useless at scrabble.

I feel like I've been on holiday this week. Just without the bikini body and the white bum tan marks.. So basically, it's really not been like a holiday. It's just that I'm used to doing nothing in a normal week.

We planted our first windmills in the garden.. Thanks Poundland for them. And so I now declare myself a fully fledged gardener... Not that I plan on taking it up anytime soon, because bed is still my most favourite place right now! I've also done lots of shopping, and been to Costa wayy to many times.. Seriously Mama Mcfred, if you're reading this: No Costa next weekend please?! And I have also learnt that I am terrible at Scrabble, and I really should invest in some wellies for walks in fields.

So now I am going to put on my best 'Oh but I am a girl' sad face and convince Littlebum that actually we should go and perv on Mr Efron at the cinema instead of laugh into our popcorn at American Pie.

To be fair.. as long as I have a cup of tea and my blanket, it won't matter.. I'll be asleep in 10 minutes.

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