Waiting just around the river bend

Dress: Matalan. Kitty flats: Ebay. Belt: Matalan.

Please, don't be fooled by this sunshine. Sadly I am not just a lucky old sole who has the sun shining over me whilst everyone else gets soaked through. Nope, these photos were found today hidden away in a folder containing 46574930 photos of myself. .. You know that one right? And whilst the rain has caused us all sadness, what better time than to dig these out. HEAR THAT RAIN? We want you to disappear, the sun to reappear and our legs to be tanned. Thanks.

Oh and yes, that is a dead pigeon in the background of the last photo right there. Yep, bet you've never seen that before on a blog post right? I hold no responsibility if this becomes somewhat of a game on blogposts. Spot the pigeon.

I have only JUST gotten round to showing my kitty flats. Well that's such a lie, since I've had them for a month, I've genuinely worn them everyday. OK most days. Considering I wasn't a flat shoe kid, I am fully converted.

Plus when my head is hiding away from this rain, those little faces just make it all worthwhile.  If I could sleep in them, I would. 

Move over Littlebum... Looks like we got ourselves some company for the night.

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Dear Mr Littlebum

I'll fill your heart with ecstasy, forever darling