This is for the heads that's loving the mix

Top: Primark. Shorts: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Socks: New Look.

I bet you're thinking "URGH why IS she wearing white tights with those shorts?" but actually they're just my pasty legs. Which is funny, because I'm normally asked if I have any Spanish/Greek in me. But obviously my legs lost their colour. 

SO YEAH I'm not in tights. But I am in knee length socks. And I'm not so sure about it.

Being the school kid replica that I am, I'm also wearing the same top as my last post. Just a different colour. Don't you ever do that? Buy something, wear it a lot. Then go and buy it in another colour. Well that's what I do anyway.

Today I was a driving instructor. It was pretty fun, although I was secretly holding onto the door! Littlebum has been put onto my car insurance whilst I have Mama Mcfred's for a few months. It was also very strange, I've never been a passenger in my own car. Now here's hoping I get driven around everywhere.

I reckon before long he'll turn his phone off every time he knows I'm going out for cocktails.

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