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Dress: H&M. Tights: Charno Simply Bare Moisturising. Boots: Unknown.

Hello there. Did you think I was Gillian Zinser in this dress? Thought not. But however, wearing this ensemble, I like to think I am her... Just without her luscious locks and never ending legs.

I'd been eyeing this dress in the purple for months and would try it on numerous times on my lunch break. But I just never got it, something wasn't right. Then last week I NEEDED something (obviously as you do) for a night out, so went and got it in the white. And added it along with my other 7463 white dresses. Standard.

I'm also wearing tights. True story. Now I've never been one for nude tights, maybe it's because of their sheerness, which results in them laddering as soon as I get them out the pack, or the fact I'd rather just brave the bare leg than look strange pulling up my legs. So when I was sent these Charno ones, I was a little unsure.. Partly down to my butter fingers, but also because I ask myself "WHAT IS THE POINT IN THEM?!" Anyway, today I wore them. And no-one believed I had them on. 

In all fairness, they DID actually moisturise my legs and surprisingly didn't require epic amounts of hoisting up. They didn't itch once throughout the day, which, if you're anything like me and buy cheap tights, then you'll understand me.

Do I think you should go buy them? If it's black tights or no tights, then I doubt you'll be swayed. And if you're a genius who manages to not ladder tights, then I think these might just be worthwhile for you.

Tights aside. I'm off to cry that my laptop charger blew me up last night. Well nearly. Now I need a hobby for the week...

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