I'll fill your heart with ecstasy, forever darling

1: Sunday breakfasts are the best. 2: Cloudy roadtrips. 3: Call me Van Gogh.

4: Bored of being bored. 5: Hard at work making posters. 6: This is strange, having a bath.

7: Lunch time treats. 8: Grape cuddles with Schmidt. 9: Just chilling as you do.

10: This cat loves this a bit too much. 11: Pigeon love. 12: Trouser love.

13: The best things in life. 14: THE BEST BUTCHER IN TOWN. 15: Funniest thing.

I would apologise for not posting any vain photos of myself this week, but you probably don't really care. And to be honest neither do I. I really would love to pretend I'm living this wild lifestyle where I am out every night till 4am and then heading to work.. But I am merely doing nothing. Nothing I tell you. Except thinking about my house, the hamster and what to buy Littlebum for our two year anniversary next week. A ticket outta here maybe..?

This weekend has been a delight, my beautiful little friend Laura came over yesterday to the McHounslow hotel, where wine was consumed, lunges were thrown and laughs were made. Oh and her dressing as a butcher for the walk home. Who cares about the rain when your friend is dressed in chef whites and heels. Actually priceless.

I shall be another Brit now and say I WISH THE RAIN WOULD STOP. I have new clothes that I really want to wear. 

I declare today slobby Sunday for you. That is all.

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