I climbed the tree to see the world

1: Schmidt the cameraman. 2: Sunshine. 3: Hello first BBQ.

4: Littlebum likes the suin. 5: We have an intellectual hamster. 6: This fridge excites me.

7: New shoooes. 8: Evening walks. 9: Trousers. TROUSERS.

10: The chef. 11: Dinner date. 12: Lace collar.

13: I actually NEED petrol idiots. 14: Holiday! 15: New home.

Well this has been somewhat a strange weekend that we hadn't planned. Hopping between the hospital for visiting hours and then getting the keys to our new home. Strange to say the least.

Yesterday I found myself sitting on my new bean bag, in my new kitchen. Alone. And wondering what the hell to do in a 3 bedroom house. I'm sure that'll change. I'll amuse myself by decorating it soon.

On that note, I'm off to Argos to buy the whole shop before littlebum can stop me!

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