Can I share this dance with you?

1: Hair up kid. 2: Keeping busy at work. 3: Fanny dresses aren't cool TKMaxx.

4: Indian in my belly. 5: Schmidt needs blackmailing with seeds. 6: This excites me too much.

7: Upstairs or downstairs? 8: Two doors? Shit just got real. 9: Too much unpacking.

10: Breakfast picnic. 11: Littlebum bum. 12: Shoes and toes. 

13: Who needs food when you have this? 14: The man doing manly things. 15: Fridge.

16: Flatscreen? What's that. 17: Wild Saturday night. 18: Same goes for Schmidt.

Keeping busy moving. Actually that's a lie, I'm basically sitting on the sofa doing nothing but drinking too many cups of tea. Kinda sick of tea after this weekend. Pass me the chocolate instead.

Hope you're having a fatty filled weekend.

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Absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse

I'm sitting down here but hey you can't see me