So pick up the pace and enjoy the race

Top: H&M Kids. Trousers: Zara. Brogues: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Matalan.

I tell you what, this week I've been all sorts. First Rebelious Ruby, then Clashy Clarissa, NOW I'm being Daredevil Deirdre! Well, basically not so daredevilish BUT I am wearing trousers. Like I mentioned before. And here is the proof. 

AND not only did I wear these trousers outside my house, I also wore it with my big fear, the stripey tee. When littlebum and I went on our walk I explained to him that as of yet I still liked this tee, and only one small terrible photo could change this so quickly. Thankfully he took some alright one's so this tee is still a friend! 

Plus I think me and the trousers could become friends. Besides the penis shape I get around my crotch and the fact my ass could rip them any second, I actually like them. I do. I did feel ultra casual, but it was different.  Nice different.

Maybe they'll teach my thighs a thing or two, and sort out some separation time for them. That'll be nice. And if they succeed, I may just add to my list and become Adventurous Adele, and buy some pink trousers. As you do of course.

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