Pachuca sunrise

Dress: River Island. Skirt: Rokit. Wedges: Primark.

Today I am Clashy Clarissa. And a Skank Susan as always. Since I bought this dress, I've genuinely worn it non stop. It's not even a lie. I wore it all weekend and then again today. Only after coming home from work did I get changed for a few hours where I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore TROUSERS. OH YES.  TROUSERS. 

I treated myself to this skirt. Actually I take that back, I always treat myself. Technically I didn't treat myself because I originally wanted two skirts, and spent a good 15 minutes making my friend want to kill herself because I am so indecisive. Obviously I am not that cool, so have to stand there making important decisions in life on which item to buy. It's always a tricky choice. Sigh.

I want to be rich and never have to decide in life again. Ever.

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So pick up the pace and enjoy the race

Be my friend, unfold me. I am small.