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Hello to all of Katy's blog readers, I'm afraid this isn't Katy today, you're stuck with me Kim from blog Sweet Monday. Katy was generous enough to invite me to guest post on her blog so here goes :) 

If you're a reader of my blog you will probably know by now that I do a lot of DIY's and now sell some in my Etsy shop. I'm becoming a dab hand with the old sewing malarki and this is my latest creation. 

From Topshop to Saboskirt to everyone in between, I have been seeing American flag shorts everywhere! I have to say I would love to own a pair but it got me thinking, we're not from the USA?! Where are all the British shorts? So I came up with this idea. The union jack started off as a flag can you believe it. I trimmed it down to size, cut it in half and then tediously began stitching it over the shorts by hand! (I must be mad) I had to be careful to get the pocket cut outs just right but I think for a first attempt they turned out pretty well. 

They're now up for sale in my Etsy shop for a mere £20. Compared to prices on the high street and beyond I don't think this is too much. I hope not anyway! All of my items for sale are lovingly handmade by myself and all come with a complimentary Sweet Monday business card and label ;) 

As this is a special post on Katy's blog I'm also going to offer everyone 10% off by using the code "caughtupincake". 

So get buying ladies!

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