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Hello, today I am taking over Katy's blog! For those of you who don't know me I'm Tanya and I run a fashion and beauty blog called Fashion Knows No LimitsI blog about what outfits I am wearing as well as doing reviews on beauty products I am sent or buy. I hope it makes for a good read! It's going to be hard to fill Katy's ever so lovely shoes, but I hope you enjoy my guest post. I would try and describe my style to you but I find it hard to categorize myself. Some days I might want to wear all black, other days I'll want to wear the colours of the rainbow. I just wear what I am comfortable in! 

I live in a built up area and my boyfriend lives in the countryside, and I love that. We live in two totally different places and they are both great for shooting photos for my blog. These photos were taken at his just outside of a forest - it was so peaceful you could hear a pin drop. He takes all of my photos and he is pretty good at it! I bought these leopard print jeans from H&M last week and we fell deeply in love. They are so comfortable and a great fit for my muscly legs. If you'd like to see more of my outfits or find out more about me you can head over to my blog Fashion Knows No Limits

It's been great to do a guest post for a blog I am such a huge fan of! Thank you all so much for reading and thank you Katy for the opportunity. I hope you have a good day :)Tanyaxx

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