Every word you say I think I should write down

Dress: Ever Ours. Collar top: Internacionale. Shoes: Office. Bag. Matalan.

Upon looking at these shoes in these photos, I think they resemble camels feet. Don't you think? I absolutely love them though, so either way I'll still wear them. Funny that, I always talk about camel penis' and now camel looking shoes. I bet you all think I want to be a camel... Guess you could say that's my inspiration.

I don't think camels would wear this beautiful dress though... I initially picked this up for LDNlunch but because I'm a freak of nature and hate wearing leggings I decided against it! But in fact I did wear leggings for these photos. Actually that's a lie. They're tights. I changed into leggings after. Not sure my family would approve of bumshow Sunday.

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