Down in the jungle

1: Chilling in the sunshine. 2: Care Bear. 3: Breakfast with the boys.

4: The love shack apparo. 5: Schmidt is obeseing. 6: BFF's.

7: The brothers drawing of moi. 8: Schmidt is a hungry bum. 9: Goodbye flat.

10: Weird animals in the family. 11: I like nerds. 12: Big fat gypsy wedding yeah.

13: Run fatboy run. 14: Illness, healthy and badness. 15: HIYA.

Hi I like animals a lot. So much that I take a lot of photos with them because they're weird. Kinda like me.

The cat in particular has proper picked on me this weekend. Firstly as I was packing up my many belongings in the car, he decides to jump onto the boot whilst it was opening, resulting in me with one headache. THANKS. AND THEN this morning, he only went and threw up in my bedroom so I had the pleasure of walking into it unknown. GRIM. 

Thank the lord we only have a fat hamster who wees a lot to clean up. I don't mind that, because one day he'll be in the Olympics.  

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And I've been a fool and I've been blind

I love this place, but it's haunted without you