Bee Arr Bee

Here's a photo for you. Of me on a toadstool. Kinda.

Basically a little love note, to tell you before you start to worry (or not.. depending how kind you are) that I haven't eaten myself in a coma, nor have I drowned in my own sleep dribble, but merely the fact I am having to take a step back from my teeny blog to sort out the real big grown up things. I'd much rather play with puppy in my pockets.

Considering we're moving out next week, and I've spent majority of my time sitting by the fridge saying that we have to eat everything up, now is the time to panic and realise I really should begin packing. So alas this is what I am doing.

There'll be some beautiful ladies who will be taking my place this week, and blogging all the fun things that they love to blog about. I'll keep it a surprise.. I say that, when in fact I haven't a clue what they're blogging about. I'll just leave it up to them.

And lastly I want to say a HUGE Happy Birthday for tomorrow to my ever so lovely and wonderful Mama Mcfred. She turns the big century, yet doesn't look a day over 35 (I was realistic there - HAI mum!) 

Take it back about the style.. NICE shorts! But forever love your hugs.

So mum if you're reading this, you really are one of the most incredible people I've ever met. I look up to you so much, and all the stuff you've been through (thanks to Papa G!!!) has made you a stronger person. I never had a sister, but with your wardrobe and style... Who needs one! You're a right barrel of laughs too! I love you a right lot (and your clothes KTHNX) and remember.. Things WILL be OK next month. 

Happy Birthday.. Now let's go get drunk!

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