Be my friend, unfold me. I am small.

Lace top: Primark. Vest: H&M Skirt: Topshop. 

Basically been a rebel today and had a hangover at work. Well littlebum is calling me a liar, and saying that I am not hungover. I had two drinks last night, so I shouldn't be hungover. But it wouldn't surprise me. 

I'm a lightweight. Let's all throw rocks at me. 

So I spent the day wondering why the computer screen at work was so bright, and seriously WHY IS EVERYBODY ON THE PHONE SHOUTING? And because I realised I was feeling a little poopydraws, I obviously thought it was totally bog standard to get my legs out today. As you do. As I did. I'm sure I didn't appreciate it first thing this morning. But alas, the legs are out, the sun is here.. let's all have BBQ's and get naked.

Well, let's start tomorrow. I want to go to bed right now.

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Pachuca sunrise

I could have been a princess you'd be a king