The man does nothing

Tee: Hero & Cape. Shorts: New Look. Socks: Matalan. Hat: H&M

Completely nearly died in these shorts tonight. They are so tight that I literally thought if they didn't burst, then I sure would. But neither happened. Thankfully, I think. Although I really could have done with them ripping, because then maybe it would make me throw them out. See I always do that. I keep things and still wear them, even though I know they're too big/too small or so bloody uncomfortable, in the hope that THIS time it'll be different. It never is.

So although I didn't die from burst vein syndrome, my camera is dying from old age. I REALLY should get a new one. After all it has been 7 years since I bought the wannabe SLR (If you don't count the polaroid, the fisheye and the super sampler) which is pretty good going I reckon. It still requires AA batteries. Not cool. But being your average person in life, this idea of owning a new one has to be put aside for now. I got bills to pay (you get me ELOWEEZ?)

Spending the weekend with the Buff (BF if you're not down with the lingo. I'm not normally) which has been planned for a messy night out, followed by a nice Saturday stroll. This will really mean, cups of tea, snacks and a lazy day. But ALAS, we shall possibly be moving out sooner than we think. So I think our abode needs a good send off right?

So bring your cocktail shakers and peanuts and I'll happily let you climb over the owl doormat to party.

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