In five years time we could be walking round the zoo

Knit: H&M. Dress: Republic. Wedges: Primark.

It appears that I could do with learning how to use an iron I think. My sincerest apologies to those affected by the crumpled jumper of mine. But basically.. I couldn't give two hoots... I blame the iron that's packed away (errr or not.)

Wearing my not so Sunday best today. My dress is ridiculously short, that I don't even need to bend over, and the world will still see my ass. Also popped on those super high wedges for no apparent reason, because I can and think it's acceptable. Then topped it all off with the casual knit. Call me a big fat mess. 

I've spent majority of my day watching 90210. Again. It had a week off so I could do real life things, but now it's wormed its way back and I'm finally up to season 3! Best season ever. Then I am waiting for littlebum to come rescue me from my laptop screen, and snap back into reality for dinner with his parents. Free dinner and warmth is definitely becoming my Sunday favourite. And his parent's company of course (not so much the snake though!)

A quick question for you chuckleberries (whaaaaat?!) do you personally get bored of just seeing me in outfit posts? I mean I don't really know what else to do? I don't do makeup, so taking shots of my left arm is out the equation, and I really should not make wishlists, because I am trying super hard to sort my life out and not become a clothes whore (which I already am. A ridiculous amount.) So please, tell me what you would like to see? And if I get all the naked votes...? You wish.

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She's got a smile it seems to me