I wanna be drunk when I wake up

1: Screw you Mcdonalds - Lunchtime dates. 2: Excitement for pancakes. 3: The love of my life.

4: Littlebum the baker. 5: The best dinner of my life. 6: Cosy evenings with the fan heater.

7: Morning walks to work. 8: Weekly update of Bear. 9: I am now a stamp collecter.

10: Not your average teacake. 11: Playsuit posse at Lets Dance. 12: Hey there on TV.

13: This cup sadly makes me happy. 14: Sunday walks in the sunshine. 15: Blogblogblogging.

So as many of you requested a week in photos because you're all right little nosey whores (I am too!) I gave in to peer pressure and did it. I assumed you all  wanted to see just how cool my life is right? Well basically, here's the proof that I'm really not! I'm THAT uncool that firstly I get excited by plastic cups and I own a crapberry, so this post is quite some dedication.. I uploaded my snaps to littlebum's cooler phone for them to be spruced up a tad. Dedication or what? And talking of dedication, here's a secret (or not so much!)... I take all my photos at lunch, and 9 times out of 10 I actually have food in my mouth.

And you thought I was cool huh? 

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I wish I had a mango tree, in my back yard

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