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Playsuit, Wedges, Belt, Socks & Sunglasses: Primark

Not only am I a Primark slut today, but I'm also a massive POSER! I blame the ray of sunshine that we had this morning that made me act this way! It was just b.e.a.uuutiful!

So I bought all these items on Monday, and just couldn't wait to wear them. Possibly a little bit too much for a  Wednesday day filled with more food and shopping. And I totally must have freaked out any Tom, Dick and Harry who dared walk behind me, due to shortage of the playsuit.. Therefore the bum cheeks were on full show today. Is this how I roll? No. Is this playsuit too pretty that I just don't care? Yes. And not forgetting the perfect little wedges for the Summer! I braved the bullet, and turned into a 6 year old schoolgirl, teaming them with some socks. If Fearne Cotton can do it, then surely I can too?

Again, I spent my day eating. At the same place as yesterday (man I'm such a food whore!) followed by Yoga. Yoga YES. You laugh? I laughed too! I'm not what you call flexible, and I am one of those who WILL laugh at every time someone falls over, so of course this became a funny session. Besides the fact that I kept thinking I'd shit myself in some positions (like literally), or worse rip my leggings, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely relaxing, which is great. But to be fair, I do that enough.

Which is what I plan to do tonight, eat another bag of mini eggs, some popcorn and bum the bestie AGAIN.

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