Take a walk on the wild side

Coat: New Look. Shorts: Topshop. Boots: New Look.

Today has been quite an adventure to say the least. After much debate, I decided to head on a country walk with Mama Mcfred. She stocked me up with her joggers, trainers and hoodies in prepartion. And what did I do? Pop on my shorts, a blouse and agree to wear her muddy boots! We walked to the village next to our town, which was actually lovely, and I didn't die. So that's always a bonus.

We stopped off at the pub for a cup of tea, before heading back where we befriended the Llamas.. I think as it's my job as their friend, I should have really advised they seek dental care. But I just let that one slide, I didn't want to seem a bitch. 

Once home, I raced to put my slippers on, now I'm curled up on the sofa with the folks, about to NOT eat a roast dinner (hooray!) then head next door for a slice of cake, a gossip and a beverage.

Since being home, it's already been crazy. Yesterday I went to a naming day for my neighbours baby, and I've never felt such the odd one out as I did then. Everybody, and I mean everybody had a baby. And what about me? I had ripped tights, boots on and shiny hair! And I happily tucked into the buffet, because I had no-one else to please but myself.

My diary for this week at home, is based all around food. Everyday I'm heading for lunch or dinner with a friend. And if I'm not out eating, I'll be shopping with Mama Mcfred! And fending off Bear from Schmidt!

Bear is scared of Schmidt. And tonight, Schmidt escaped out of his ball. I'm not sure who was more shocked, my parents or the cat!

On that note.. Where IS the cat?

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